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Home Automation 2016/2017 School Project

Home Automation 2016/2017 School Project

Mattia Peiretti, Matteo Mirabelli and Brunazzo Niccolo


Model of an automated house...

December 2016


In this project we wanted to make a model of an automatic house. The peripherals can be controlled by a smartphone, with our app, or by the buttons on the house’s walls. We have inserted the following peripherals:

• 12 LED, as lamps.
• 2 fans, as air conditioner and aerator.
• 6 buttons , one per room.
• 1 automatic door, hall door.



We have used the following components:

• 60x66cm Plywood Base
• Two 200x100 cm plastic rectangles and another one of 100x100 cm
• Two wood strips
• Paper for technical design
• Images of floors
• Tin (For Welding)
• Tape
• LED and electronic equipment (see THE CIRCUIT for more)


The circuit controls the LED(s) with a relay board, It also manages the Servo motor that moves the door, finally it switches on and off the fans as needed. This peripherals are controlled by Arduino Mega that is also connected to a Bluetooth HC-05 module that receives data from our smartphone app. We have used the following components:

• Arduino Mega
• A Relay board
• Six buttons
• A servomotor
• Two fans
• Wires
• HC-05 Bluetooth module


First of all we drew the planimetry on the wooden house’s floor

We cropped the plastic paper as walls

And we pasted it on the woorden base

We welded the LED(s) and the fans

And then we pasted them on the walls

We fixed Arduino, the relay-board and the bluetooth HC-05 module under the house’s base

We glued: patterns, as floors and furniture, made of paper

I programmed Arduino Mega and the mobile app


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